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This is a category with all of the art that I’ve made.

My two favourite boys!

My drawing skills have improved since my Oka fanart. I think. So, here is some fanart of my two favourite Yandere Simulator boys, Sho Kunin and Shin Higaku!


Since Shin is in the occult club, I drew him looking slightly sad, like he does in the game. I like to think of him as a dandere, like Oka is. When danderes talk to whoever they have a crush on, they’re quite shy, but it’s theirĀ crush, so I made him blushing slightly. He took me longer than Sho, as his hair was harder to do and I had to find a reference picture halfway through.



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Oka Ruto Fanart


Character is not mine. All credit goes to YandereDev.


Oka Ruto is one of my favourite Yandere Simulator characters. She’s in class 3-2, around the age of eighteen.

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